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Dec 3, 2013 4:00am PST
law that forces amazon to collect sales tax from shoppers in the big apple. around the globe-- authorities are cracking down on counterfeit goods sold online. on the heels of cyber monday, 690 websites in the u.s. and overseas have been shutdown or redirected. authorities say scammers are taking advantage of the boom in online holiday shopping by selling fake merchandise. most sites that were shutdown sold items including headphones, sports jerseys, grooming products, shoes and electronics. the healthcare dot gov website has met the obama administration's self-imposed deadline for improvements -- that's latest word from the white house. kathleen sebellius, the secretary of health and human services, cautions users will still encounter problems during the next several months as repairs continue. by the numbers...the white house says the troubled site is now working 90% of the time --compared to 43% in october. 375-thousand people visited the site by noon monday. the president says the site it prepared to sign up 800,000 people per day. it can handle at 50,000 users at one time
Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
workers to look for sites for individuals. they could get an individual tax credit. they want more options for employees for health coverage. >>> yesterday in the bronx a train was going too fast when it derailed. it was going 82 miles per our in a 30-mile per our curve. >> when i heard about the speed i gulped. it takes your breath away. >> the union representative says they are cooperating. >>> no signs of life prompts a search surrounding a thanksgiving trip and missing boaters. >>> big changes at a local shopping mall at the height of the season. >>> a cooling trend with frigid temperatures, and a freeze watch coming up. >>> happening now a vigil is under way for a 3-year-old struck and killed last week at the intersection where he was killed while being pushed in a stroller. 24 pedestrians have been killed in similar accidents. this is the highest number of deaths in a decade. >>> a 5-day search for a couple in the delta. their family has not given up hope. >> reporter: a boat launch where an empty boat trailer has sat. the southern end is several miles away. this fishing boat was fou
Dec 2, 2013 4:00am PST
like taxes, regulations, healthcare costs rising, but they are focusing on how they can get business done. and how they can work with their suppliers underperforming. " franz adds that high manufacturing inventory levels will likely give a boost to today's data. it's hard to get a clear view of what's happening in housing.on the up-side for sellers, prices are up. so are conventional sales, more so than distressed sales. and building permits are up in boston, new york city, san francisco, austin, houston, oklahoma city and san jose.jed kolko of trulia says this is one lagging area of the recovery that is finally starting to pick up the pace. " construction is still running at about 40% below normal levels. so this boost in new building permits is good news for one area of the housing recovery that's taken longer to recover." on the flip side, permits are down in atlanta, phoenix, las vegas, sacramento, chicago and detroit. and pending home sales are down for the fifth straight month. its deja vu all over again in a corner of the subprime lending market...though this time its smal
Dec 9, 2013 4:00am PST
for lost tax revenue. both banks say the lawsuit is baseless, and that each applicant was treated with the same objective criteria. 20 states are saying no to expanding medicaid under the affordable care act... and a new report shows-- it could costs those states billions. among them, texas which stands to lose nearly $10 billion dollars. according nbc some of the red states are taking a pass out of a desire for less government intervention. under the expansion, the government kick's in 100% of additional costs for medicaid the first 3 years. the aim is making certain low income american's have sufficient health coverage. mcdonald's posted advice on its employee resource website, that could be considered in "bad taste. the helpful hints included: for employees wondering how much to tip the massage therapist, pool cleaner or au pair over the holidays. we wonder how many mcdonald's employees, particularly those who marched thursday fighting to raise the minimum wage face these dilemmas? mcdonald's responded by deleting the guide which had been posted by a third-party provider.
Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm PST
for individuals and families. by signing up, some businesses could qualify for tax credits. state officials say the marketplace offers employers and their employees more options when it comes to health coverage. >>> pg and e's top executive tried to reassure a pipeline is safe. it was turned back on today, but at a reduced pressure. a federal judge ordered it shut down last month. the ceo appeared at a meeting of the california public utilities commission today and said the aging pipe has been fixed. the cdc could decide to sue the facility for as much as $15 million. concerns surfaced about the pipeline after an internal pg and e email was made public. that refers to the pipe line explosion three years agatha killed eight people and leveled an entire neighborhood. the cdc's decision on whether to fine pg and e is expected on december 19. >>> operation santa begins tomorrow. the usps is looking for volunteers to help answer some of those letters to santa. volunteers will sift through the letters, and members of the general public can adopt one of them, and help make a christmas wish come true.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5